Saturday, August 17, 2013

Perfect Book Covers: Michal Suchanek

When it comes to book covers, I like to see at least one of three things:

1)An eye-catching image
2)A rendering of at least one of the main characters
3)An idea of what kind of book I'm buying.

If you follow my work than you're aware that I'm a big fan of dieselpunk. So it's nice to highlight an outstanding example of artwork that would be perfect for a novel in that genre. The artist is Michal Suchanek. I've seen his work before, both in dieselpunk forums and across the web. Michal is from the Czech Republic and does work in many different art forms. You can find out more about his work at his official website.


The title of this work of art is 'Anna Yurlova'. I like the way it instantly catches the eye. Anna is attractive yet tough, hardened by the gruel of war and injuries apparent by her eye patch and scar on her cheek. I like the small details like the sway of the uniform and tassels, indicating movement, and the field of tiny flowers about to be trampled by the machines of war. The muted color scheme compliments the mood of warfare, and the overall composition makes if perfect for a book cover.

This picture captures all the elements I look for in a book cover. The image is captivating, the main character is spotlighted, and the genre is obvious. This would work well for a wartime novel as well as a dieselpunk book featuring a tough female character.

Make sure to check out more of Michal Suchanek's work at his website.

More perfect covers are featured in my Pinterest board of the same name.

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