Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Something New

I chose my new desktop background today.

I know... to most people that's not a big deal. But for me it is, because I only do it once a year. I select one piece of art and apply it to every computer that I use. It becomes a subliminal theme for me, an subconscious reminder of what I hope to accomplish.

Deep, I know. Before we all drown together, let's take a look at last year's desktop:

I thought it was fitting because I had committed myself to independent publishing for my novels. I was sailing into uncharted waters, so to speak. The pirate ship was a good representation of my indie status, and the night scene was a good indicator of my stealth status, flying under the radar as I established my brand.

Plus it's a fine piece of art. I'm quite taken with George Grie's surreal work, so looked to him again to provide the inspiration for this year. Take a look:

I really like this piece because to me it represents the struggle to maintain balance as a creative being. Reality and everyday life can be confining at times because the creative forces struggle to release, and like a uncontrolled inferno can actually consume if not controlled. At the same time, one should indulge their creative side or suffer the draining effects of unfulfilled passion and the stifling effects of imprisonment, shackled by the doldrums of everyday happenstance.

The ship must set sail, but at the same time must be guided by the sure hand of a captain who knows what's out there.

Yes, I know I'm crazy for putting all of this thought into my annual desktop change, but I thought I'd share the process this time. I figure I have a blog for some reason...