Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A New Direction... Sort Of

The main problem with having a blog is finding things that you want to blog about. After all, if one is to contribute article after article, it should be on a subject he's passionate about, or else the blog will dwindle and die as this blog has time and again. Only to have me step onto the scene with creative paddles in hand to shock some life back into it with another blog post.

Since I'm personally dull and uninteresting, I had to find something else to blog about besides myself and my creative projects. Seeing as how I'm firmly vested in the independent publishing industry, I figured I should devote my blog time to shedding light on independent artists. You know, that way the two people who follow this blog will be better exposed to what's going on with indie writers, artists, photographers, musicians, etc. So with a new focus I've dubbed this blog The Indie Underground and will feature articles and interviews, reviews and news that relate to the indie industry.

I think that it's important that independent artists support one another as we are the only ones who can build our brand to success. Although the great majority of that work falls on our shoulders alone, it's always great to receive and extend a helping hand in the way of exposure and support. I've never been the type to feel bad about another person's success, and to know that in a small way that I did something to aid a person to that success would mean a lot.

I can't promise a daily blog, but I'll try to post at least twice a week if not more. This should be fun, and hopefully I'll be at least able to connect better with my indie artists out there.

And yes -I did state on Facebook months ago that I'd start an interview series. It's taken a while, but this is me making good on that promise. The new direction kicks off on Monday with an interview of surrealist, poet, and author Selene Skye Deme. Be there.

You don't want to miss this, do you?

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